GET /ttimesΒΆ


Requires an advanced server setup. Please view the Advanced Server Configuration for details.

Get theoretical arrival times through a 1D Earth model if the server has been configured with that capability. For each phase name it will only return a single time - multiple arrivals of the same phase are thus not visible. The exact returned arrival depends on the used callback function - a sensible choice is the first arriving one.
application/json; charset=UTF-8
Example Response
    "travel_times": {
        "P": 504.357,
        "PP": 622.559,
        "sPKiKP": 1090.081
Parameter Type Required Description
sourcelatitude Float True Geocentric latitude of the source.
sourcelongitude Float True Longitude of the source.
sourcedepthinmeters Float True Depth of the source in meters.
receiverlatitude Float True Geocentric latitude of the receiver.
receiverlongitude Float True Longitude of the receiver.
receiverdepthinmeters Float True Depth of the receiver in meters. Many implementations will raise an error if this is not zero as they cannot deal with buried receivers.
phases Float True Comma separated phase names. Depending on the travel time implementation this can be very flexible.